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Are We as Wealthy as We Think?

Take a look at the video above. The woman in this video is speaking about Sweden, but sadly the same thing applies to The United States as well. We are often led to believe that we are doing well because we have much nicer cars, houses, and other possessions relative to people in other countries. However, most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Surprisingly, this applies to a considerable number of upper-middle class earners as well. You can have all the nice things in the world, but if all you have goes out in payments every month, you are not wealthy. The ones who loaned you the money are wealthy and they become wealthier every month because you pay them interest.

It's far past time for us to rethink what we consider to be wealthy in this country. True wealth comes when you can lay your head on your pillow at night knowing all your needs are comfortably met. It is knowing that you have a solid plan to retire with dignity rather than having several debts take your retirement potential away. Don't fall for all the debt traps set for you. Contact us to learn how to build a comprehensive strategy to build a life of financial peace.

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