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Personal Finance, More than Math

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

When we think of personal finance, we often think in terms of math. We have a certain amount in the bank and that’s enough to cover whatever we're looking at right now. Make no mistake, the math is important, but personal finance also involves your emotions. It is our emotions that often lead us into spending. Spending money on something we like, be it a new car, a new phone, or a television, is an emotional experience. It makes you feel great when you get out of your old hoopty and into something with a new car smell and all the latest creature comforts. It is these same emotions that can wreck your financial life if you let them get carried away.

Most of personal finance is not math based, but behavioral. Most people are plenty smart enough to do the addition and subtraction to at least cover the basics. It’s the emotions that get in the way and lead us to not sweat the details. No matter how much money you make, if you do not get a hold of your emotions, it will all be gone in no time. While the dollar may not have the buying power it once had, expensive lifestyles do immense damage to people's finances.

Our feelings are very powerful to say the least. Many of us can relate to having a goal of losing a few pounds. What stops us achieving our goal? Generally we know what healthy food is and that we need to exercise. More often than not, there is an emotional hurdle we must clear to achieve our goals. To achieve financial peace, you must go through a similar exercise.

Being good with money is often looked at as being cheap, uptight, or boring. We’re only going to live once and life is short, right? Why be so cautious? It is this mindset that often prevents us from becoming financially sound. Moreover, there is a hopelessness in that mindset when you dig deeper. The belief that ordinary people cannot really get ahead is prominent and makes it all the more appealing to consume everything we have the moment we have it.

The truth is, most people who become millionaires are ordinary people. They are not rappers and athletes who signed multi-million dollar contracts. It is the man or woman who works on the assembly line and invested a little over time and it multiplied into millions of dollars over the years. It is the janitor that invested a little of his meager hourly wage.

You can build immense wealth with just a little money invested consistently. You can still do things that you enjoy in this life. You just need a plan of attack that enables you to do so without breaking you. If you need a money coach to walk with you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your financial peace is more than worth it.

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