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Upset Your Balance

Picture a scale. On one side you have Winning. That's it. All your dreams, goals, and ambitions-they all go on that side. On the other side, everything else.........What's the number on a perfectly balanced scale? Zero.

Tim Grover from the book Winning-The Unforgivable Race to Greatness

This quote from Tim Grover is an excellent metaphor for what it takes to achieve goals. If you are looking to make a significant improvement in any aspect of your life, the balance in your life will have to be upset. It could be anything from a better jumpshot to starting a business,.You will not be able maintain a perfect balance if you are to accomplish your goals.

This extends to your finances as well. Once you decide to get your financial house in order, you will have to give up balance. Your friends and family may think something is wrong with you. You may have to stop going out as much. You may spend more time working and less time on leisure. If you are to be goal-oriented in any particular way, you lose a perfect balance of work, time with friends and family, and time watching your favorite show.

Here's some good news: Once you achieve your goals, you can create the opportunity for the balance you seek. Michael Jordan is a tenacious competitor and worked extremely hard at his craft to become a great basketball player. Today, he could stop all his work if he wanted to and have all the time for leisure and family he wanted. However, the goal had to be achieved first. It will cost you, but know that however happy you are currently making yourself and others, you'll be able to create even more happiness once you achieve your goals.

If you feel stuck in a rut, consider the possibility that you need to unbalance your life. It can be a very difficult and even lonely process, but it's worth it in the end.

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