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Why You Need a Financial Coach

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

In society we are not often taught how to grow our wealth. Instead we are taught how to consume most if not everything we earn making payments on debts. Pay attention to everything around you. There are numerous advertisements telling you how to go into debt to buy cars, furniture, electronics, and many other things.

You can go all the way through school and never have any in depth training on how to grow wealth. This leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of traps. When it comes to how much we should spend on a house, how to budget, or how save for retirement, information is not prominent at all.

Debt is highly marketed and banks will loan you more money than you can actually afford. How do you know if that house or car is too expensive? Maybe you can get approved for the loan, but it may end up hurting your pocket book too much and prevent you from saving enough money on a regular basis. On top of that, how much money do you need to be saving for emergencies, retirement, college and other things?

A money coach is instrumental in helping you navigate these waters. Furthermore, when you have a money coach, you will get guidance based on your own personal situation, rather than generalized information.

Knowledge is power! At Fort Financial Coaching we equip clients with the knowledge to win with their finances and become the best they can be financially. Call us if you need guidance with debt management, budgeting, investing, creating a will or anything else you can think of. Wealth is not reserved for pro-athletes, entertainers, and trust fund babies. You too can succeed with your finances!

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